Children’s Sports


Children’s Sports

Beginning December 2016 we are no longer accepting clients

In Children’s sports there are some children who take their sports and athletic performance seriously and there are others that play just for fun. Either way, I have parents who bring their child in to improve their focus, skills and ability to regain some of the strengths they had prior to an injury or negative event.

Let Sandi be Your Child’s Sports Mental Coach.

Anyone can improve their skill set with a bit of help from a hypnotist and Sandi has helped kids from novice to those competing at a fierce level and even some young adults who have corporate sponsorship. Not to mention those who have already gone on to become professional athletes.

Children’s Sports Hypnosis with Sandi

Perhaps you have heard that professional athletes sometimes use a hypnotist to improve their game. It is a great technique that professional athletes have incorporated into their training program delivered by sports psychologists and coaches.

Children Do Well In Hypnosis

Most children use their imaginations readily and when you can tap into a child’s mind to encourage them to increase their athletic skills you can improve their performance. This makes it very easy to hypnotize children because they can tap into that creative part of their mind quickly, easily and willingly.

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Beginning December 2016 we are no longer accepting clients

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