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Beginning December 2016 we are no longer accepting clients

Get ready with a Free Consultation on the phoneFollow the instructions to schedule your appointment or call us and we will schedule your appointment over the phone. Sometimes we can answer your questions right away, but because you are important and we wish to give you as much details about how we can help, we will schedule a time just for you. Then again you might be ready now to start your journey so you can get started right away by scheduling here.

If you are wondering how the sessions run or if hypnosis is the right place for you, we can answer questions over the phone we can quickly determine the best treatment plan, pricing and schedule to fit your needs.

Are you hypnotizable?

We are often asked if one can come in for a free consultation in the office and, although we used to offer this service, our practice has so much success with clients that we would rather pass along the savings to you. Hypnotists that offer free consultations are going to have to pass the expense of providing free services along to you, should you decide to book a session. Also, be wary since those that are inexperienced, not busy or don’t provide a high level of success rates find themselves having to book their time with free services. At Arizona Family Hypnosis we can assure you of prompt, professional and effective hypnosis services. Schedule you appointment so that you can begin to make the positive change you have been wanting to make happen.

After we assess what it is that you need, if you choose to call first, you will have a clear plan designed for you and we will provide you with prices, expectations and a projected duration of services. With the exception of our Stop Smoking Session (one session), most issues may require 4 visits. This is just a general idea so that you can budget your time and money. If you still have questions about hypnosis and want to know if you can even be hypnotized, then we have a short questionnaire for you to fill out. The results are private and for your information only. If you have ever wondered if you are hypnotizable you can CLICK HERE and answer these 21 questions to find out if you are suggestible and a good candidate to make change using hypnosis. We know you will do great!

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Beginning December 2016 we are no longer accepting clients

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