Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Our subconscious minds can retain memories of trauma, stress, happiness, pleasure and pain, both physically and emotionally. If that memory stems from an event in the present life or even from a past life that is carried over one can address the issue with hypnosis and tap into the subconscious mind to find resolve and relief. A Past Life Regression hypnosis session can be safe, helpful or entertaining.

Here are two people who were helped by a Past Life Regression thru hypnosis:

Under the shade of the magnificent trees near 8,000 feet, 2 glasses clinked as Cassie and John toasted away a 25-year-old fear Cassie had of heights. She had finally climbed to the top of the granite cliff, something she had wanted to do with her husband since they met. Perhaps it was due to the Past Life Regression (PLR) with hypnosis that allowed her to make connections and release a fear that possibly originated from an event about 300 years ago. And it was only after Joan’s Past Life Regression hypnosis session that she was able to begin shedding the 100 plus pounds that seemed to come from a past life where she and her loved ones died around 1850 during the Irish famine.

safe hypnosisSandi Graves, a Board Certified Hypnotists helps clients finally let go, make sense of thoughts and behaviors and experience positive changes in their lives. “Most of the time,” says Sandi “clients come to us after they have tried everything else. And when Don and I see the results of our clinical work it is extremely gratifying.” Many of their clients come from doctors and medical provider referrals.

You might believe or not is past lives but I have found that it is amazing how the subconscious mind can create (or remember) with such detail a story that has helped every person that I have hypnotized and experienced a Past Life Regression. I have seen clients remove blocks, beliefs and traumas with a Past Life Regression hypnosis session.

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Samantha Hallman
Commented:  July 27, 2015 at 11:25 am

I would like to know if you are in network for United Health care insurance?


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