Office Closed

Beginning December 2016 we are no longer accepting clients

Dear friends, clients, and colleagues,

Since entering the field of hypnosis in 2009, I have met amazing people, assisted many wonderful folks accomplish remarkable things for themselves, and had the time of my life. I’m certain that you agree our time together has been uplifting and magical. Perhaps you are or have been my client, my friend, my student, or my associate and I am so grateful you are here, you are you, and we are sharing our journey together. I respect you!

Life is full of changes, passions and adventures, and my brave soul has always faced my challenges with grit and wonder.  2016 presented me with some life altering events that tested my resolve. From saying goodbye to loved ones transitioning to their next level of being to finding myself recovering from a serious equestrian accident, I have had time in the light to reflect. As much as I want to continue at my previous level, the accident has taken way more of my energy than I like to admit and it is in my best interest to take more time to recover. These events have given me the signal that it is time for some housecleaning on a spiritual, personal, and physical level. I am open!

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am an ardent pursuer of adventure and personal growth which blesses me with a rich and full life. Now, I am ready and excited for my next adventure. For me to fulfill that I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from my hypnosis practice, Arizona Family Hypnosis.  I have trips to go on, people to love more deeply, and will be creating more space to sing and dance more boldly with my loved ones. I am ready!

In my office I have assisted many people in making the change they desire and have provided that service in a quick, safe, loving, and effective manner. My belief is that you really can simply put your desires out into the world and just like that, make the change, and it can even happen in a nanosecond. This is that process. Once I decided that I needed the time to heal I simply stated out loud, “I am ready to make this change right (quickly snapped my fingers very energetically) now!” Don’t be afraid of taking the steps, you need or want to make, to move forward. Just like me, you too can start making your own positive change right now. Go ahead…..say or shout your desire out loud….at the end make a grand energetic physical move or gesture at the same time you say NOW. I am brave!

I want to thank you for your friendship, support, guidance, trust in me, and encouragement. Thank you for being you!

Remember, you are so very special and know that you have been loved, you are loved, and you will always be loved. I am loved!

With respect, excitement, and love,

Sandi Graves

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