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Hypnosis helps with Public Speaking

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Most people dread getting up in front of people to speak. All eyes are on you, your tongue dries out, your breath shortens and panic sets in unless you know that hypnosis helps with public speaking.

According to the Book of Lists, Public Speaking is the number one fear and insects are number three.

 How does hypnosis help with public speaking?

In our Phoenix Hypnosis clinic we “redirect” or “reprogram” people’s minds who are HIGHLY motivated to DIRECT their FOCUS towards POSITIVE BEHAVIORS. I see kids, moms, professional athletes, husbands, students, physicians, pilots and a myriad of others who are ready to make a positive change. We use HYPNOSIS to get RESULTS REALLY FAST because we bypass the Logical or Conscious Mind. This is NOT TALK THERAPY which uses the logical thinking mind to problem solve. Although the logical mind is super effective, there are times when a recurring issue limits a person.

 Why does this fear stop me?

Getting up and talking to a crowd of people is not the easiest thing for one to do. You can rehearse, talk yourself into it and then try to focus without any luck. Logic has nothing to do with so many things. And logic doesn’t have much to do with why you can’t feel confident and comfortable speaking in public or giving a presentation. You are here because logic just hasn’t worked. So much of our behavior is based on learned responses. We link things up and sometimes it is in a negative way.


There is often, like with public speaking difficulties, a really big difference between what we KNOW WE ARE SUPPOSED to do and WHAT WE ACTUALLY DO. We get stuff LINKED UP weird. Somehow you got speaking in public as a negative thing. It happens to a lot of people. Remember, public speaking is often considered the number one fear people have. Hypnosis can help with public speaking.

Free hypnosis for stress reduction and public speaking

I teach this quick and easy stress release technique to all of my clients that could benefit from this. You will even see me use it before I do any public presentation. Try it. It’s an easy, quick and effective way to Release Stress and get your confidence up.

 Are you ready to use hypnosis for public speaking?

Imagine being able to stand up and sell yourself with such confidence and ease, to earn trust and let others know your expertise. I believe it comes down to only 3 components where hypnosis can help with public speaking.

1. Emotional component of Public Speaking

  • Confident
  • Inspire You
  • Energetic
  • Interesting
  • Influence You
  • Relaxed
  • In Control
  • Prepared

2. Knowledge component of Public Speaking

  • Credibility
  • Give Examples
  • Training
  • Know My Stuff
  • Experience

3. Goals component of Public Speaking

  • Trust Me
  • Remember Me
  • Influence You in a Positive Way
  • Let Me Help You
  • Make a Positive Impression

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Beginning December 2016 we are no longer accepting clients.

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