Reduce Pain with Hypnosis

Beginning December 2016 we are no longer accepting clients.

During your first hypnosis session with me, Sandi Graves, Board Certified Hypnotist, you will fill out an Intake Form, Pain Evaluation and Characteristics Sheet that will provide me with the facts I need to evaluate and plan your treatment and therapies to reduce pain with hypnosis. We will then meet for about 20 minutes to discuss your issues and answer your questions. You will then receive a hypnosis demonstration to discover how easy and effective pain management using hypnosis can be.

As we begin, you receive effective pain management using hypnosis with me you will be provided hypnosis therapies that oppose the characteristics of your pain, helping you find relief and more comfort. We will be using strategies to interrupt the whole neuromatrix cycle of your pain. Whether your issues are due to stress, direct injury, inflammation or some other cause, hypnosis can guide you into a relaxed state in order to habituate you into a state of relief.

Sessions consist of one on one hypnosis sessions with myself or staff, and audio recordings will be provided for you to listen to between sessions.  A baseline of discomfort will be established so we can monitor and measure your progress.

When used along with a medical professional’s treatment, hypnosis allows you to learn how to turn down the intensity of the pain, similar to turning down the volume on a sound system..

When you learn the powerful techniques that our Phoenix Hypnosis Clinic has to offer, you will be surprised at how much more relaxed you can feel. With proper treatment, you can even learn to help forget the pain and feel healthier and more comfortable.

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Beginning December 2016 we are no longer accepting clients.

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The information, products, testimonials and services we offer are for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Hypnosis is not a replacement for appropriate medical attention, advise or treatment. You are urged to consult with your physician before pursuing any treatment, regime or program. No guarantees are given and results vary.