“I got the highest score on my test after I had Sandi give me a hypnosis session on studying and test taking.  She even has a CD to help with studying which really helped me with my study habits.”  


“Thank you so very much for the wonderful hypnotic treatment and also for the beautiful, beautiful CD recording you gave me. It is definitely doing wonders for me, I mean wonders: I’m sleeping so much better, I’m thinking so much clearer and becoming so much more focused.

I really appreciate you and I want to thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to my life.”   


“After 6 months I have not only kept the weight off but I am still losing weight.   It does work.” 


“I am so happy with the audio recording that came with the weight loss program.  Not only did I lose the weight but my stress level is down so much.  I can actually handle all those problems at work now without getting all worked up and it is because of the CD Sandi uses.” 


“Sandi’s program did more for me in 6 weeks than years of psychotherapy.   I can finally enjoy life.” 


“I quit smoking in one session and I have saved myself hundreds of dollars and expect to save thousands…  I would recommend Sandi’s program to anyone wanting to stop smoking or stop any bad habit.” 


“I am on my way to making my dreams come true and my business succeeding thanks to Sandi at Arizona Family Hypnosis.” 


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