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HypnoDontics, A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists

HypnoDontics-AManual for Dentists and Hypnotists

“This is the premier Hypnosis Manual for the professional Hypnotist working with clients seeking help while undergoing dental procedures. Beryl Comar has packed this book with everything a hypnotist needs in AND out of the dental office. You will find many scripts, a history of medical hypnosis, hypnotic techniques as it applies to the dental patient and Dentist, explains the role of hypnotherapy in a medical practice and even provides you with contact information to specialists around the world. This book is for the public, Dentist, healthcare worker and professional hypnotist.”

Sandi Graves, BCH-Arizona Family Hypnosis  ArizonaFamilyHypnosis.com

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Dave Elman Induction Centennial Celebration 4 DVD set

Dave Elman Centennial Celebration

Instantly download this amazing 4 DVD set

This is PACKED with over 9 hours of instruction. Filmed with Hansruedi Wipf, Larry Elman this professionally filmed event marks 100 years of the Dave Elman Induction. In this sold-out presentation in Zurich, Switzerland Hansruedi and Larry show the modern hypnotist how easy it is to use Dave Elman’s methods.


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The Dave Elman Induction Part 1 and Part 2

The Dave Elman Induction 2 DVD set


Dave Elman Induction explained to you right here. Originally released on DVD in 2009, The Dave Elman Induction Part 1 & 2 is now available as a digital download, for iOs/Android Mac/Windows. Quicktime Player and VLC player allow full chapter navigation and book marking. For beginners and seasoned hypnotist alike, there is no better way to professional hypnosis training in the palm of your hand.

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Dave Elman Best Practices

Dave Elman Best PracticesLearn from as close to the source as possible. Larry Elman, son of Dave Elman and Sean Michael Andrews presents six and a half hours of lecture, discussion, and demonstration which brings the classic publication, Dave Elman‘s “Hypnotherapy” to life. Having attended Dave’s medical hypnosis course multiple times, Elman‘s son, Larry, delivers new insight and perspective on his father’s process and approach. Sean Michael Andrews, Dave Elman‘s biggest fan, illustrates every detail of the Dave Elman Induction and other Elman techniques with unrivaled delivery and proven methodology.

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